The cure of anxiety (Part 8)

Seek first his kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be added unto you

❖ Seek His righteousnes 


➢ Remind yourself of being clothed with it

➢ Seek to Express it: right attitudes, right actions 

➢ Pursue it socially, culturally, economically in the world 


➢ Remind yourself of being clothed with it


We gain entrance into the kingdom of God, by being clothed by a righteousnes not our own, but by Christ’s righteousness. By faith in Christ, our sins are imputed, transferred to Him, and His righteousnes are imputed, transferred to us, and by that righteousnes you are justified and put in the right relationship with Christ forever. To seek His righteousness means firstly to remind ourselves constantly of this reality. We are accepted by God, by grace, by Christ’s death and righteousness. 


➢ Seek to Express it: right attitudes, right actions 


Secondly, to seek his righteousnes means to seek ways of expressing right ideas, right thoughts, right words, and right attitudes, like kindness, generosity, love, peace, joy, patience etc. We seek to express right attitudes and we seek to do what is right, like paying taxes when we need to, being honest in business, seeking kindness towards strangers, seeking to do what is right in every circumstance, helping the poor, because righteousness glorifies Christ. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of righteousnes.


➢ Pursue it socially, culturally, economically in the world


And lastly, seek God’s righteousnes in the hard places, where you may be insulted, mistreated, cursed and persecuted, like with your friends, where you do business and people seek bribes, when you are in a family gathering and they want you to offer sacrifices to the dead, or when people want to worship their appetites like sexual pleasure or drunkenness. That is the place where we need to seek first his righteousness. And God will provide.


Therefore, the cure for anxiety is to 


Look at the birds of the air, look at God’s providential care, take notice or his works,


Consider the lilies of the field, take notice of the way in which he cares for creation and all life on earth


Know that God knows your needs and cares for you


Believe in the promises of his word that He will provide


Seek first his kingdom and righteousnes. Amen


Be focused on God, his Kingdom, his nature, His righteousnes, his care, his sovereignty. Amen

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