Foundational Truths


This Discipleship Guide can be used in several ways. It was initially written as an introduction to what Christians believe about God. It was initially written for seekers of God and seekers of truth on the Internet in areas of the world where Jesus Christ is not yet known, especially among people in the 10/40 window, where people have little chance to hear the true gospel of God. According to the Joshua Project and other mission organizations, there are still millions of people in the world who are destitute of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionaries have lately realised that many least evangelised people groups don’t only live in the 10/40 window but are in fact scattered across all parts of the globe, especially in the cities of the world. The fact of the matter is that young people of every generation are also, in a sense, least reached or unreached with the true gospel of God.

So, although this guide is written for unreached (or least reached) people groups in the world, it is also written for any person among any ethnic group who wishes to know the good news of God. This Guide can be used as a guide for personal Bible Study or as a Guide in Bible Studies you are leading wherever you are. I used it together with my colleagues at Welamlambo Baptist Mission among teenagers in South Africa as a Discipleship Guide and on the Internet for the global community in least evangelised ethnic groups.

Whoever you are, a new believer in Christ, a seeker for truth, a Bible Study leader or discipler, may God help you, guide you and equip you with the truth, for the glory of Jesus Christ and for the coming of His Kingdom.

In Christ,

 Nico van Zyl

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