Goal 16: Glorification with God

Glorification with God Jesus Christ died and rose again from the dead so that His people would be with Him in glory forever. This is the ultimate purpose of the gospel and why we evangelize. Jesus didn’t come to save people only for this life. He didn’t come into the world to give us salvationContinue reading “Goal 16: Glorification with God”

Goal 15: The Coming of the Kingdom

The coming of Christ’s kingdom When Jesus started His ministry on earth 2,000 years ago, he said, “repent and believe the gospel, for the kingdom of heaven is near” (Mark 1:15). Jesus spoke much about the kingdom of God. In Old Testament times we see glimpses of the kingdom of heaven shining through, when GodContinue reading “Goal 15: The Coming of the Kingdom”

Goal 14: The Growth and Edification of the Church

The growth and edification of the church Why do we want to proclaim the gospel? What is the purpose thereof? To make Christ known. Yes!  Because we are commanded to do so by God. Definitely!  So that people can be born again by the seed of the word. Absolutely!  So that unbelievers may hear andContinue reading “Goal 14: The Growth and Edification of the Church”

Goal 13: The Purification and sanctification of the Church

The purification and sanctification of the church When we become Christians, we receive the Holy Spirit as a gift and then the process of sanctification starts. We are positionally set apart by God for holy purposes (Romans 1:1), but our natures still need to change. We need to be purified. To belong to God meansContinue reading “Goal 13: The Purification and sanctification of the Church”

Goal 12: Fellowship with Christians

Fellowship with Christians God calls and saves His elect people across the globe from every ethnic people group, not only to worship and enjoy Him forever, but so that we have fellowship with each other in the church. God has a people, and His people will worship and commune with Him forever. There are manyContinue reading “Goal 12: Fellowship with Christians”

Goal 11: Worshipping and Delighting in God

Worshipping and delighting in God In the history of the Christian church some believers (those who drafted the Westminster Catechism) said the goal of life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! I believe that this is what the Bible teaches. To glorify God and worship Him is why God has made us. AndContinue reading “Goal 11: Worshipping and Delighting in God”

Goal 10: Living the Crucified life with Christ

Living the crucified life with Christ One of the goals in evangelism and making God known is that people see the worth of Jesus Christ as their supreme treasure and consequently commit their lives to Him as their Lord and King. When people know how valuable Christ is and come to know His supreme authorityContinue reading “Goal 10: Living the Crucified life with Christ”

Goal 8: Reading, Meditating and Delighting in Scripture

Reading, meditating, studying and delighting in the Scriptures In a very real sense, God has saved us to His word, that we should meditate on it. God saves His people for Himself and for communication and communion. He communicates with His people primarily through His word. He communicates with all people through what we seeContinue reading “Goal 8: Reading, Meditating and Delighting in Scripture”

Goal 7: Living by Faith in Future Grace

Living by faith in future grace You might ask me where I got this title of living “by faith in future grace”? A few years ago, I read a book by John Piper called “Future Grace”. In this book he speaks of the fact that we as believers in Christ don’t only live from theContinue reading “Goal 7: Living by Faith in Future Grace”